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3 things to know about online company registration in Estonia

Using an online company registration or formation service is a modern comfort and with a country like Estonia it’s definitely something worth checking out. Here’s three things you should know.

1. Online through and through

The options on the internet do not end with online company registration. Estonia is a paperless online democracy, so things like amending, liquidating or deleting your company’s registry data or submitting annual reports can be done fast and from afar, whether you have access to the system yourself or use a service.

2. E-residency can get you so far

As genius as Estonia’s e-residency is (allowing online company registration and opening a bank account without even setting foot here), it’s a tool for those who already know their way around the country’s systems and who are more familiar with the laws and requirements.

It’s great to have, but then what? Those with big business plans more often need assistance and perspective, something which a qualified service can offer.

If there is an issue or you have a question, you wouldn’t have to wait for a government employee to take their time to answer. Professionals can also use their experience to foresee most of the problems that might emerge, making the whole process even more comfortable.

3. Online company registration is fast either way

Regardless of how you manage an online company registration process in Estonia, whether through a notary or on your own, it will be fairly fast to finish, once it’s been submitted.

A recent average is somewhere below 20 minutes, but it’s not unheard of for it to take five minutes altogether. The official registration information given by various institutions even sound a bit apologetic about how it might take up to a workday to get processed...

A mere workday does not compare to the days or even weeks of paperwork and signatures that might be needed in another country. Estonia’s online solutions really do speed things up.

Check out our online company registration service page here.

By Richard J. Witismann on 17 May, 2017