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5 reasons why e-Residency simplifies doing business

Did you know that Estonia holds the world record in the fastest online establishing of the company?

The company was founded with only 18 minutes.

Estonia is called an e-state with a reason. To simplify the establishing and running of business in Estonia, it provides e-Residency as the only country in the world which enables safe access to the information systems and e-services of the country – without visiting Estonia even a once. The reasons why e-Residency simplifies the business activities in Europe are numerous.

E-Residency enables you…

1. to sign documents and contracts digitally

The digital signing and forwarding of documents is faster, safer and more favourable than manual signing or sending by mail or courier. Thus a lot of paperwork related to the business activities can be done with considerably shorter time.

2. to establish Estonian companies online

The establishing of the company in many European countries takes several weeks or more. E-Residency enables to establish the Estonian company online with only one day. You can read about different forms of business here: Estonian company formation.

3. to run the Estonian company without really being present in the country

As an e-Resident all necessary operations can be performed digitally, thus smaller company can be run from any corner of the world where you have access to internet online connection. Thereby you can also use Skype application established by the Estonians for communication.

4. to use internet bank and make transfers with only one ID card

The digital ID card of e-Resident enables you to make transfers and transactions fast online in internet bank and, if needed, to communicate with the bank. You can read more on the Estonian banks in more detail Bank account in Estonia.

5. to declare taxes simply online

As an e-Resident you can review the tax notices fast and comfortably online and declare the taxes. Also, Estonia has a favourable tax system, e.g. the tax rate of the reinvested profit is 0%.

You have become or are becoming an e-Resident and wish to establish a business in Estonia. What next?

As previously mentioned, e-Residency gives you a number of opportunities to start a business easily in Estonia. In order to get maximum of these opportunities in your business activities, we offer support services created specially for e-Residents and professional advisory.

Read more here: Corporate Administration Services for e-Residents.

By Richard J. Witismann on 28 March, 2016