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e-Residents came together and launched a new non-profit organization

In May 2019, a group of e-Residents officially launched a new non-profit organization called the Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association (EERICA). The founders stated that the goal of EERICA is to ’’unite e-Resident company owners across the world to independently represent their interest and help them do more business with Estonia and each other.’’ 

One of the founders of the new international organization, Christoph Huebner, said that althouh the e-residency program has done a great job in supporting  the e-Residents living in Estonia, the e-Residents themselves felt that they need a form of representation that is independent from the government.

Huebner stated that now is a good time to establish an organization that represents the interests and rights of e-Residents towards the Estonian legislative authorities and to the public but also towards service providers and banks.

The leader of the e-Residency program, Ott Vatter, expressed that the new organization established by e-Residents is a great idea. ’’If you have 60 000 people that all depend on Estonia’s legislation in some way, then it’s natural that they should have their own represenation or a chance to express their thoughts,’’ Vatter explained. ’’The fact that they have established their own official body is great news and showcases their interests to contribute. It shows they are active,’’ Vatter added.

Huebner said that the e-residency program helps bring people together to Estonia and that EERICA is able to provide further advice and assistance once they’re here.

EERICA is already accepting members and also plans to start organizing events around the world in order to connect current e-residents and help potential e-residents understand how they can grow their business in Estonia.

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By Richard J. Witismann on 8 July, 2019