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Estonia declared best country for digital life

In today's world it has become increasingly more important for people living abroad to have access to a wide range of  high-quality digital services.  Communicating with close ones that live on the other side of the world, running everyday affairs or working as a digital nomad all require an advanced digital environment.

A recent report by InterNations, the largest global online expatriate network, declared Estonia to be the best place in the world in terms of digital life. 


InterNations asked expats all over the world to rate the digital environment of countries and Estonia took the number one place among 68 countries. This was also the first time Estonia had been included in the report.

To evaluate digital life abroad survey respondents rated their satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Unrestricted access to online services such as social media
  • Availability of government/adminstrative services online
  • Ease of getting a local mobile phone number
  • Possibility of paying without cash
  • Access to high-speed internet at home

Estonia came in first place in the unrestricted acces to online services (e.g social media) category with InterNations reporting that 96% of expats judge the access to online services favourably (vs 80% globally), with 86% saying it could not be any better (vs 58% globally).

The possibility to pay without cash was highly appreciated by expats as well and Estonia ranked 5th after Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Estonia also came in first when it comes to the availability of goverment/admistrative services online thanks to it’s numerous e-solutions that include ID-cards, online tax filing and the option to vote online.


’’In Estonia, 94% are impressed with the availability of administrative or government services online (vs. 55% globally), with 70% giving it the best possible rating (vs. 23% globally). ’’Expats looking for a country without bureacrautic hurdles need to look no futher than Estonia’’, InterNations says.

This definitely matches Estonia’s image as one of the world’s most digitally advanced societies.

Estonia was followed by Finland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand in the overall standings. On the other end, Myanmar, China, Egypt, India and the Philippines were rated as the worst countries in terms of digital life.

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By Richard J. Witismann on 8 July, 2019