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Immigration to Europe – Estonia welcomes startups

While the UK and the USA seek to isolate themselves from foreign talent, the EU remains an attractive prospect. The union spans a unique international market and cultural space that not only welcomes expanding companies, but also startups as well.

So you’ve decided that you are interested in immigration to Europe with the intention of establishing a startup. Here’s why you should choose Estonia and why professional assistance can ensure a smooth process.

Estonia attracts startups globally

Estonia is set on becoming the primary innovation hub within the EU and offers several advantages for those interested in immigration to Europe. For companies, both expanding and startups, the reasons for picking Estonia include:

  • Pretty much everything is online – banking, bills, taxes, various paperwork that normally require meetings for signatures can almost always be done online. 
  • Ranks very high in economic freedom – also the best in the region.
  • Easy access to WiFi – Estonia recognizes access to WiFi as a human right.
  • A welcoming tax system – dividends only require corporate income tax.

 Estonia is also known for having the most startups per capita in the world. There must be something here that’s working...

Immigration to Europe is made easy with professional assistance

professional at your disposal can be much quicker to react with any issues or questions that might emerge than a government clerk. It’s a truism to say “Time is money”, but it’s particularly relevant in the startup world. Therefore, with immigration to Europe, it is wise to invest in the safety of someone who checks on every process you will encounter.

Immigration to Europe through business can easily open up the rest of the union for you. Establishing a startup in a country that provides just for you can guarantee success. If you need assistance, rely on a professional – contact us.

By Richard J. Witismann on 28 April, 2017