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New focus of Estonian e-residency program and extended opportunities

In September, a meeting took place between the President of Estonia and a working group consisting of private sector representatives, the purpose of which was to create a development plan for the e-residency program, and among other things, specify its focus.

According to Kaspar Korjus, the Managing Director of the e-residency program, intensive work will be conducted in the near future in order to complete the development plan.

According to the President, e-residency is an important project for Estonia and cooperation between public and private sector is crucial. The president also said that we shall consider whether we see e-residency as something that represents a group of friends for Estonia, a platform of e-services for entrepreneurs around the world, or something else.

Preparations for this meeting already began in the beginning of this summer when the President initiated a meeting between various parties involved with the e-residency program in order to discuss how to increase the benefits of e-residency to Estonia. As a result of the ongoing efforts by the working groups, various propositions were made for the promotion of the e-residency program.

Incorporate in Estonia is an active user of the program, suggesting all its clients to apply for the e-residency card. E-residency offers secure access to Estonian e-services for foreign citizens all over the world. The e-residency card, equipped with a smart chip, allows to digitally sign documents and log in to all websites that approve the Estonian ID-card. It shall be noted that the e-residency card is not a valid document for physical proof of identification and travelling, nor does it have a photo of the card holder. Moreover, E-residency shall not be mixed with citizenship, tax residency, residence permit and visa.

By Richard J. Witismann on 1 October, 2018