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A public code repository that will make e-solutions more accessible to businesses

Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Estonia’s Information System Authority have completed a first version of an e-state code repository that will make software solutions designed for the government freely accessible to the public.

The code repository is based on open source technologies and the code stored there will be available to anyone wishing to use it. All of the e-states source code will be accessible and usable through the code repository in the future unless security measurements require otherwise.

’’This initiative was an important step towards the ’’government as a service’’ prinicple which I have stressed during my tenure,’’ said Rene Tammist, the previous Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. ’’Sharing software and e-solutions gives entreprises the chance to build new or advanced services and products but also supports the development of the e-state. These solutions need to be used more across different areas of governance in Estonia which will prevent us from reinventing the bicycle each time. It also helps us keep the development costs in check,’’ Tammist added.

The long term goal is a community-based e-state solutions where one of the most important corner stones is the shared repository. ’’It brings private and public sectors together, allows for more cooperation and transparency that will help us achieve our common interest – a long-term sustainable e-state,’’ the minister said. ’’The open government data protal and code repository that have been built are crucial components of the government as a service approach. It’s important that government institutions systematically contribute towards the accesibility of open data and code,’’ the minister added.

The current code repository is a preliminary version. The service is maintained and supported by the Estonia’s Information System Authority and the future roadmap is being planned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in collaboration with the Information System Authority.

The code repository will be available at

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By Richard J. Witismann on 8 July, 2019