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Remote Work - The Time is Now

So, now we did it. Our company started with remote and flexible working. We gave our employees the freedom to work anywhere.

To be honest, it feels good.

I have been following thematic posts of Richard Branson’s blog, focusing on the rise of flexible working, attentively for a long time. In many ways, these articles made us to deliberate on pros and cons, and finally we made the decision. Also, companies such as Netflix, and Virgin have been a great source of inspiration to us to implement remote work.

The decision to become a remote- company — i.e. work wherever you feel empowered to do your best work — is an important inflection point for our organization. In fact, there are not so many reasonable alternatives. Flexible working has revolutionised how, where and when we all do our jobs. Working from nine to five no longer applies. People are no longer chained to their desk or wired to the phone. And one thing is for certain: the future of work is changing and a new generation of professionals are making the world their office.

The digital age asks for different solutions. In my last post, I wrote about digitalization of our business processes. 100 % of our clients come from outside Estonia. Today, what they need from us are address services, and services needed for technical or legal reasons, which they themselves are not able to implement for their more, or less virtual businesses by remote administration.

Most of our clients, who visit Estonia, suggest meeting at a hotel, where they stay. Our employees are mostly somewhere with their laptops -  meeting clients, visiting the bank, or at the notary public’ office. In the middle of the day, the only person sitting in the large office was the secretary, who had to answer the phone calls.

In other words, we moved out. We have hi-tech cloud-based secure technology for servicing our clients, and we have secure premises for storing our client base archive. This is how we work today. It seems to suit both the customers and employees.

Our new address is Parda 4, Tallinn. This will be the registered address for companies we establish, as well. All clients, whose companies are registered on address Kai 1, should not be worried. Their address is valid and delivery of post services continues to work as before.

Funny thing is, that when we took the photographer to make pictures of our new location, it recalled me the most famous address of Delaware companies: 1209 North Orange Street. These buildings seemed to be somehow similar.

On this address, in Delaware, USA the corporate service provider CT Corporation is located, having registered approximately 285,000 companies there, among others multinationals such as American Airlines, Apple, Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Electric, Google, JPMorgan Chase and Wal-Mart.

1209 North Orange Street, Delaware, USA1209 North Orange Street, Delaware, USA

By 2025, it is estimated that Estonia shall have approximately 10 million e-residents. About 10% of e-residents are our clients already, and according to evaluations, and calculations the address of Parda 4 should have more registered companies in a few years than 1209 North Orange Street. We’ll see!

Parda 4, Tallinn, ESTONIAParda 4, Tallinn, ESTONIA

By Richard J. Witismann on 7 July, 2017