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What do you need to know about immigration to Europe through Estonia?

Better living conditions, favourable business environment, good universities and interesting culture – there are several reasons for immigration to Europe. If you wish to start economically stable from the contemporary country with highly developed technology, by saving money on subsistence expenses thereby, Estonia could be a suitable target country for you. The lease and subsistence expenses in Estonia are lower than in the Scandinavian and Western European countries, at the same time running one’s affairs is simple thanks to wide-spread internet and e-services.

In which cases immigration to Europe through Estonia is possible?

Immigration to Europe through Estonia is possible, if you wish in Estonia to:

  • start a business,
  • work,
  • study,
  • carry out scientific work,
  • join family member residing in Estonia.

The most common reasons for immigration to Europe are university studies (read also 10 reasons why a Spanish Erasmus student loves Estonia) and joining the family memberQualified labour is also highly appreciated, the favouring of which to reside in Estonia is one of the most significant aims of the Estonian immigration policy. Depending on the sector, the employers are obliged to pay 1.24-2 times Estonian average salary to the specialists and highly qualified employees (published recently according to the statistics of salaries).

Residence permit for residing in Estonia

In general you need a temporary residence permit for immigration to Estonia issued for up to five years. Temporary residence permit can be applied in the Estonian embassy or consulate in your country or in the Citizenship and Migration Board in Estonia. The possibilities for applying depend on your country of destination and reasons of immigration. See the information of the Estonian embassies here.

If you have stayed 5 years with temporary residence permit in Estonia and well adapted, you can apply for permanent residence permit. Permanent residence permit gives you greater freedom to choose jobs, studies and travel to other European countries without applying for separate visa for that purpose. The application for long-term residence permit should be submitted at least 2 months before the end of temporary residence permit.

Do you need professional advice or guidance for immigration to Europe?

When moving to a new country the submission of applications and learning about all requirements could be time consuming and complicated. Our specialists can help you and your family in applying for visas and residence permits as well as in tax consultation. See also EU Immigration Support.

By Richard J. Witismann on 27 June, 2016