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Why become an e-Resident, like 10 000 others have done?

A couple of months ago the American entrepreneur Manu Sporny received the 10 000th e-Resident certificate. At the beginning of July the number of e-Residents was already higher than 10 600 and the aim by the year 2025 is 10 million owners of Estonian virtual residency. At the same time the journalists recommend the Estonian e-Residency programme for the citizens of Great Britain exiting the European Union to continue their business activities in EU. E-Residency is becoming a global trend and maybe it is high time also for you to join?

Main reasons for becoming an e-Resident

There are several reasons for becoming an e-Resident. The applicants of e-Residency have mentioned the following reasons as the main ones:

  • location independent international business (37% of applicants);
  • bringing business to Estonia (21%);
  • fan of e-Residency (16%);
  • using the technology of secure authentication (11%);
  • living in or visiting Estonia (9%);
  • other (6%).

Since the launching of e-Residency programme in December 2014, the citizens of the following countries have applied most for the virtual residency: Finland, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, India and France. See more statistics here.

E-Residency simplifies the starting of a business and its management

The running of an Estonian company regardless of the location and starting a business in Estonia are the main motivators to become an e-Resident not without a cause. As at the end of June e-Residents had established 688 companies in Estonia, 1482 e-Residents were business owners in Estonia and 1391 e-Residents were connected with Estonian businesses. Thereby the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of e-Residency was 33 and more than half of the e-Residents also recommends this actively to others.

Regardless of its location, e-Resident can through internet:

  • register the Estonian company with one day (or even with one hour);
  • use Estonian public services through the portal;
  • have access to the Estonian payment accounts and declare taxes;
  • settle accounts in internet bank;
  • digitally sign and crypt the Estonian and European Union official documents.

See also: “5 reasons why e-Residency simplifies doing business”.

How to become an e-Resident?

The easiest way to apply for e-Residency is to do it online at the site The review of the application takes about one month. The e-Residency certificate and personal ID-card can be obtained from the Estonian embassy or consulate.

Wishing to maximise the benefit of e-Residency? See more: “Corporate Administration Services for e-Residents”.

By Richard J. Witismann on 6 July, 2016