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The COVID-19 outbreak and regulatory framework are changing business worldwide.

It’s more critical now than ever to digitize business processes and stay compliant in order to keep your venture up and running.

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Company formation 

  • Remote set up of a company – for non e-Residents and e-Residents
  • Complex business structures with multiple shareholders
  • Legal address & contact person service


  • Secure access from your desktop, phone and tablet at anytime, from anywhere

  • Cost-effective due to automation

  • Complex tasks handled by our accountant, while staying fully synced in the cloud

Tax and legal compliance

  • Registration with and reporting to Estonian public authorities 
  • Getting licences for economic activities
  • Tax returns and cross-border taxation 

You can choose between three different company formation packages starting as low as 12 euros per month.

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Easy formation of the company. Location-independent business with minimal cost and red tape. A fully digital end-to-end service. If desired, no phone calls, office visits, or physical paperwork. These are just a few reasons why to start a business in Estonia.

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All Estonian companies must have an Estonian address and all Estonian companies managed from abroad must appoint a contact person. As a company service provider we provide a registered address and contact person service in conformity with the Commercial Code to Estonian companies whose management board is located in a foreign country.

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One of the key issues upon establishing and running an operating company is the existence of a bank account. For this purpose, we offer bank account opening assistance, taking into account the specifics of each client’s business activities.

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We render a full range of accounting and tax compliance services for resident and non-resident companies. Our accounting services are tailored towards the needs of small and medium businesses with cross-border transactions.

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The growth in the use of mobile devices and social technologies means the office can be almost anywhere. Virtual offices create an opportunity for people to work whenever they like from wherever they are. We can provide you the full virtual office package, with business address, mail handling, and telephone answering.

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We provide general compliance advice to our corporate clients on the legal issues which regularly impact their businesses, e.g. data protection, competition law, directors´ statutory obligations etc. We help our clients navigate the labyrinth of legislation and best practice codes relevant to corporate governance and corporate responsibility.

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An Estonian company is required to register with the Tax and Customs Board as a VAT payer if the annual taxable turnover exceeds 40,000 euros. The tax authority shall register a company as a taxable person as at the date the registration obligation arose, within three working days as of the receipt of the application.

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You are planning to move to the European Union. Experience different cultures. Enjoy a better quality of life. Earn more money, start a business or study at great universities. There are lots of good reasons to move to the EU. The key is to find a location that works for you. One possibility is moving to the EU through Estonia.

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The Estonian e-residency card provides the option to incorporate the company completely remotely, administer the company from anywhere in the world, digitally sign documents and contracts and use online banking.

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