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EU immigration support

You are planning to move to the European Union. Experience different cultures. Enjoy a better quality of life. Earn more money, start a business or study at great universities. There are lots of good reasons to move to the EU. The key is to find a location that works for you. One possibility is moving to the EU through Estonia.

Immigration to Europe through Estonia

Estonia has been a member of the European Union since 2004. It is a financially and politically stable country at the heart of Baltic Sea Region. The cost of living in Estonia is lower than in the Scandinavian and Western European countries, at the same time running one’s affairs is simple thanks to advanced IT-solutions and e-services. Estonia is easy to access by road, plane, train or ferry and Tallinn is within 3 hours flight from major European capitals. Once you get a permanent residency permit you can travel to other European countries without applying for separate visas.

Immigration to Europe through Estonia is possible, if you plan to:

  • start a business,
  • work,
  • study,
  • do scientific research,
  • join a family member residing in Estonia.

Visa and immigration assistance for international relocations

Expatriates and their families who move to the EU will need visa and immigration assistance to ensure that the relocation is seamless. Immigration is a detail-oriented and time sensitive process that requires a great deal of attention. In order to save time and avoid expensive legal costs, we are available to manage the EU immigration process, collect the appropriate data and submit the necessary paperwork for successful entry.

Based on a needs assessment, we will collect and file the information required for visas, residence permits and passports. We will also monitor the application process as needed to ensure that there are no surprises upon arrival in Estonia.

International tax service

Living and working abroad is an exciting, life changing experience, but it can also mean navigating through new and unfamiliar tax systems which can be quite different to what you're used to.

As an expat, you may find that your tax situation has become more complex, particularly if your wealth is spread across more than one country.

Incorporate in Estonia can provide you with personal tax advice. We will guide you through the tax issues that are relevant to you and help you implement appropriate tax management strategies. We will discuss issues such as your domicile status and residency rules.

We will provide you with guidance on specific tax issues such as the implications of new tax legislation, buying or selling a property, how to ensure your wealth is passed on according to your wishes without incurring any unnecessary costs or complications, and managing your tax efficiently.

For more information about immigration to Europe please contact us.